Holcim Bulgaria obtained ESF funding for a training project

1 Февруари 2010

Holcim Bulgaria obtained ESF funding within the framework of the Human Resources Development OP 2007-2013 "Investing in your future".

The funds will be provided under the grant scheme "Qualification services and training for employed persons - Stage 2" and will be utilized for the project: PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND PERSONAL SELF-KNOWLEDGE - AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO UPGRADING EMPLOYEE COMPETENCE.

Holcim Bulgaria's lead partner for realization of the above project is the training provider DEVELOR Bulgaria who submitted the project proposal.

The project encompasses training and related activities designed to improve the skills and capacity of the target group - 96 managers at first and middle management level. 38 547,05 BGN of the overall project budget, which comes up to 67 457, 60 BGN, is allocated to Holcim Bulgaria. 69,2 per cent of the budget allocation is given as a grant and the remainder is contributed by the company itself.