Brand values


Our stakeholders are looking for confidence in a reliable and trusted partner who delivers on his promises and cares. We can gain such confidence and realize the full potential of the Holcim brand only if we live by our Global Values of strength, performance and passion. This in essence is our brand promise.

For us strength means being a solid partner. Research clearly shows that this is what our customers want, and what gives them confidence. Being a solid partner requires absolute integrity and strength of character of our people, supported by a strong organization.Strength also extends to global leadership and competence.

To perform means to deliver what we promise - to be accountable. To our stakeholders this makes us a reliable partner. To our customers, performance means delivering the best solutions, through the quality of our products and services and by always looking for better ways of doing things. To deliver the best solutions we must demand excellence of ourselves and of each other. Prerequisites for performance are a well-connected organization and true teamwork.

Passion includes the dedication and commitment we put into everything we do. It is about care - care for our people and their safety and their empowerment and development, care for our customers and their success, care for our world. Our passion should also be expressed. That's why we must explicitly recognize and celebrate success.