Quality control


We use an up-to-date Production Control System which includes incoming materials control, production process control and end product control. 

Incoming control
Incoming control monitors humidity, fine fraction content and quality, aggregates particle shape and sizes. We receive cement from the cement plant of Holcim (Bulgaria) AD in Beli Izvor and aggregates from Holcim Karierni Materiali AD-Sofia and Holcim Karierni Materiali Plovdiv AD. The raw material quality is certified according to the applicable standards.

Production process control
The production process control is performed at the ready-mix plant and focuses on the concrete compacting and accurate recipe performance. The method and periodicity of sampling comply with the requirements of standards BDS EN 206 and BDS EN 206/NA.

Final control 
Our experts subject final products to physical and mechanical tests in a modern lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology.The quality control is finalized with a document submitted to the client - a Declaration of Performance and a quality certificate for the concrete. All test results are stored in special journals, as well as in electronic files and clients can trace back and make sure of the quality of concrete offered.Thanks to its GPS system, we can monitor the quality of ready-mix concrete (the sensor-equipped trucks send information about the condition of the concrete).



RMX Sofia

Sofia, Obelya District, 239 Lomsko Shosse Blvd.

RMX plant "Lomsko Shosse"

Sales Manager: Atanas Alexandrov
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Production Manager: Veselin Nedelchev
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RMX Plovdiv

Plovdiv, 134 Bratya Bakston Str.

tel. +359 32 277 210
fax: +359 32 277 230

Sales Manager: Atanas Alexandrov
Tel .: +359 882 75 76 04

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