Road binder


Hydraulic Road Binder HRB E2

A factory produced binder in accordance with BDS EN 13282-1:2013, supplied ready for use, having properties specifically suitable for road bases and sub-bases, capping layers, as well as earthworks in road, railway, airport and other types of infrastructures. 

When mixed with water the hydraulic binder hardens both in the air and under water and remains solid, even under water.

In combination with cohesive and cohesionless soils, generates a homogenous material easy to be profiled and compacted, thus leading to the increase in the bearing capacity of the road layer it is used for.

Fields of application



  • execution of foundation layers and base courses in road construction
  • soil stabilization and improvement


    • transforms weak, wet and muddy soils into well homogenized and compacted layers;
    • improves the binding properties of soil;
    • treated in-situ soils perform better than the original ones in terms of water permeability and frost resistance;
    • eliminates the need for replacement of unsuitable soils and associated costs;


  • execution of bitumen coats by the cold recycling technology 


    • reusage of existing damaged coats;
    • no need to use quarried materials, thus saving transport and handling costs;
    • quick recovery of the operational capacity of the new road surface;
    • a new homogeneous layer is created with high strength characteristics and durability


  • stabilization of road foundation layers


    • prevents the appearance of cracks in stabilized layers, which is observed when using hydraulic binders of a higher class, such as cement;
    • improves the strength characteristics and load-bearing capacity of the treated layers over time
    • helps build waterproof layers, as a result of the substantial reduction in their permeability;
    • improves frost-resistance
    • reduces costs and time 


  • enlargement of existing foundations
  • execution of platforms and parking lots
  • consolidation of stop lanes, slow lanes and sideways
  • execution of coats for local or low-traffic roads
  • injection and hardening works in mining and hydrotechnical construction.

Delivery: bulk

Mechanical, physical and chemical properties 

Property  BDS EN 13282-1:2013 requirement  Our HRB E2
Sulfate content (as SO3), %  ≤ 4.0  ≤ 3.5
Initial setting time, min  ≥ 90  ≥ 150
Soundness (expansion), mm  ≤ 10.0  ≤ 1.3
Sieve residue 90µm, %  ≤ 15  ≤ 5
Early strength - 7 days, MPa  ≥ 5.0  ≥ 7
Standard strength - 28 days, MРa  ≥ 12.5 ≤ 32.5  ≥ 15